Sunday, June 7, 2015

Welcome to Romeo & Roo Books

aka... Pinky and the Brain.

Ok, so you can tell that we are a little on the silly side.  But we are two friends who both love books and want to help authors take their work to the next level!  We do book reviews, cover reveals, social media blitzes, blog tours, and more.

Here you can find out about our favorite books, products, and bookish news and follow our writing journeys as well.

Meet Romeo! 

A nerd amongst nerds with an academic streak that takes the goofiness up a level above others. She has worked for publishers, bookstores, colleges, and has done independent editing, consulting, and graphic designing for authors, but that is just the day job.

Romeo is working on her first novel, Every Day is Doomsday, a dystopian thriller.

Favorite Authors:
Teresa Mummert, Jamie McGuire, Randi Chastain, Keren Hughes, Stephen King, and any story that can actually hold her attention!

Favorite Genres:
New Adult, Young Adult, Dystopian, Thriller

Meet Roo!

A superhero in her own right.  Paramedic by day, saving one idiot at a time from themselves.  New adult writer by night.  Learning the book biz from the Brain and labeled herself "Pinky" of the two.  A creative force of nature.

Roo is currently working on her first trilogy, The Necessity Trilogy.

Favorite Authors:
Ernest Hemingway, Aldous Huxley, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jamie McGuire, C.S. Lewis

Favorite Genres:
Dystopian... all day long, adventure, the classics, and whatever is beautiful.

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